Thursday, November 13, 2003

winter quarter

it's the middle of seventh week, which means one thing and one thing only to crazy people like me: the timeschedules for next quarter are posted online! i can spend pleasurable hours poring over possiblities and picking what classes i might want to take in the middle of cold, dark, miserable winter-at-the-U of C-hell. =) i know, i'm such a U of C-geek. but it's really the only time when the possibilities are completely open -once you pick a schedule you have narrowed your choices down to four; and when the quarter starts you are pretty much locked in for ten weeks, like it or not. but in seventh week you can daydream for hours abt the pros and cons of taking, say, Mearsheimer's American Grand Strategy [pro: it's a great class with a great instructor; con: it's NINE AM twice a week in winter quarter and i live off campus. chances i'll make it to class on a regular basis: slim to none.]

so without further ado here is what is planned for the upcoming ten weeks:

Harmony and Voice Leading
Little Red Schoolhouse: Academic and Professional Writing
Introduction to Chinese Politics
Public Policy Analysis

the earliest class is 1030, and it seems like a fairly reasonable schedule: MWF will be relatively light and TuTh will have a nice 1.5 hour break before Little Red Schoolhouse - though lunchhours will be fairly messed up i imagine. boo.

the wind is absolutely howling outside my window; it's almost frightening. shades of scaffolding falling of the John Hancock last year. and BOTH the elevators in my section of the building do not work; one wonders what is next. first the heat is on the verge of collapse and now the elevators don't work -i had to run up seven flights of stairs this evening on my way up. grr.

they better have it fixed by the time i have to leave for class tomorrow. otherwise i'm gonna go scream in the office, the *@#&$% management company needs some crap kicked out of them.


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