Monday, November 17, 2003

You Know Things Are Getting Hairy When... spend an entire afternoon at your ex-roommate's new apartment watching Sliding Doors instead of homework, although you have to give us the fact that we had already -at least!- finished the music homework due tomorrow. if not yet the reading. man the homework was a bitch.

that said, i've watched an incredible amount of good stuff this weekend: last night we had an Indiana Jones marathon at my place -on alex's computer, much thanks- involving Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, pizza and ice cream sundaes; and i've been watching Witch Hunter Robin on my computer -again- because i love that series; and this afternoon was spent with H watching Sliding Doors, which we both love, though the ending is quite quite unsatisfying. we both want the other Helen to live. because she kicks ass. =)

i also did no work at all yesterday, instead i stayed in my apartment -mostly in my own room- all day and read Steingarten's It Must Have Been Something I Ate, and slept, and ate some junk food and watched anime -before the movie marathon. this has GOT to be the most useless weekend i have ever spent.

Things To Do This Week:

(a) Write a memo for Org. Dec-making;
(b) Start reading for the Kamikaze paper for Lipson's World Politics Class;
(c) Register for classes for winter quarter [i am obscenely thrilled about it, it makes eighth week livable]

still fighting an inner battle between Mearsheimer's American Grand Strategy and Snidal's Theory and Practice of International Cooperation. hmm...


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