Tuesday, December 30, 2003

kwek genes breeding true

i have discovered where the blame for my faulty left earlobe lies: squarely on the shoulders of my dad. =) at dinner tonight, mom mentioned at the table almost in passing that my ear has been giving me endless amounts of trouble, and we were stunned when both my aunts immediately grabbed their left ears and went 'yeah, the left one' and proceeded to describe precisely the same problems i've been having with mine. -amused- looks like the kwek genes bred true one more time in the kwek females.

we also have the same smile -if you cover our faces below the nose our smiles are virtually identical, it's weird- and [as my favourite aunt reminds me as we walk to the carpark] the same tendency to having fat behinds. -grins- oh great. i guess some things can't be defeated after all. =)

dinner tonight was good though i was banished to the 'kids' table - there are entirely too many adults in my family, it is ridiculous. daniel and i were at said table despite his being 27 [i think!] and my being 21; and if his older brother brian had been present he would have been at our table also. he's 29. -amused- but i'm glad daniel was here tonight- of the three older cousins, daniel is the only one with whom i have felt any sort of connection beyond 'hello' and 'goodbye', probably because despite eugene being nearer to me in age, daniel is the only one who makes an effort to talk to me when we are around each other. even when i was a teeny and he was still in NS - sticks out in my memory because of my grandmother's wake. daniel was the first guy i'd seen put on army boots - i hadn't imagined it was possible to lace up boots quite that fast without breaking a lace or a finger! -grins- so i guess i've always had a soft spot for neil that i don't have for either eugene or brian.

also finally saw my little cousin rachel, who is so tiny that despite being ridiculously tall for a six year old she is wearing a size 28 uniform to school on friday. yes, she finally starts school -at St. Nicholas, where i started school umptyumph years ago. wow. =)

so family dinner was all good, ate too much as always, and seeing my aunts and cousins is always good fun. roll on july! =)

Saturday, December 27, 2003

public service announcement

A01A 2000, if you are in town and are hankering after some coffee with mr R, be at the Holland V Coffee Bean at 1330 on monday afternoon. be there or be square -grin-

in other news, i have less than a week left of my winter break here in singapore, and will be heading back to chicago on saturday in the earlyearly am. =( at least it is not freezing -yet- oddly enough. no snow, instead, rain and eight degree weather. i swear this world is being turned on its ear.

finally had my favourite hainanese chicken rice at Far East this evening with cecilia. while it is not as oily and tasty as i remember, plus it was white chicken instead of roast chicken [i know, you chicken rice nazis, hainanese chicken rice chicken IS white, but i like roast chicken, ok? =p], it was still yummy enough to make me really happy. -grins- i love chicken rice. and when it is accompanied by great conversation and followed up with nice strong hot tea-o, it makes for a lovely evening. despite the rain and the heat and the humidity. hah!

wedding dinner to face tomorrow. someone remind me why wedding dinners invariably start late, end late, and take far too long?

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

it's christmas eve!

even though i don't feel as excited as i used to as a small child, it's still a wonderful thing to be at another christmas eve. i had dinner with the extended family -awesome cheesecake!- and got to hang out with my cousin for a little bit. she's getting cooler and prettier and more mature every time i see her, and it is amazing.

i think i would feel the christmas season more if it were snowing -as i am sure it is in chicago- for some reason despite living in a tropical country i associate christmas with snow. maybe chicago will have a white christmas this year, like New York last year.

disjoint remarks caused by my entirely-too-tired brain. i am headed for bed, but i just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and i hope you all enjoy tomorrow tremendously. God Bless. =)

Saturday, December 20, 2003

it's good to be back in this country, although the rain and the lack of reasonable shoes are conspiring against me to make my life a misery. =) i have been spending entirely too much time shopping -though in my defence a large amount of that is christmas shopping with my mother for other people- and spending entirely too much money. but i don't really object to spending huge amounts of money on my friends, only on myself.

but the real point of this blog entry is to castigate myself for my stupidity:

i bounced my tuition cheque. yes, you read that right. i wrote a cheque for tuition fees, mailed it in, and forgot to transfer money to my checking account to cover the amt -- so not only did i go into overdraft, i still owe the bursar money AND i bounced the cheque. there goes my credit, which has been painfully -no PAINSTAKINGLY- built over the last few months. i could shoot myself.

so there it is for everyone to see -- i am a grade A idiot. no wonder my finances will never be in good shape...

on quite another note, however, i checked my grades online and have realised that i did not do quite as badly as i thought i might have -- which means my GPA has not fallen below 'miserable' on the GPA scale yet, and not quite badly enough to warrant my Big Bosses coming down on me from above. so that's a bright spark in my doom-and-gloom, i-am-an-idiot scenario. =)

also, went to The Return of the King with alex today, was reasonably impressed. i have to say that my favourite of the three is The Two Towers because honestly, Return is at LEAST fifteen minutes too long and perhaps entirely too soppy. evan: i see what you mean re: women's lib and frankly i think that has nothing to do with Tolkien and everything to do with the director. it's a cute idea, a way of pointing out what difference may lie between the letter and the spirit of the law, so to speak. but i have to agree that it was totally jarring in the middle of a crazy battlefield in Middle Earth to have this women's lib moment. other than that i loved the scenery -oh New Zealand, i want to retire there- and it was good to see the end of the series, much as i REALLY wanted to smack Frodo on the upside of the head many a time through the entire movie. they shoulda given the ring to Samwise -- he would've been there and back again before we even had time to finish our sodas. =) but i'm biased; Frodo REALLY gets on my nerves.

time for me to retreat to bed now -- have a long day tomorrow involving many wonderful people like adrian, cecilia and rae =) yay!

Friday, December 19, 2003


finally back in singapore and back online, albeit on a slow pokey 56.6k modem. blah. so i won't be spending THAT much time online for the next couple of days. also because i will be spending a lot of that time shopping for christmas presents with the momster, who has been waiting for me to return to begin the frantic search for The Perfect Gift for everyone on her list. including me. -grins- any ideas, anyone? what does a girl want anyway?

but it's good to be back in singapore -- my first official meal here was kaya toast at killeney road, with a soft-boiled egg and coffee and curry chicken. awesome. i miss this food so much when i am not here. =)

but it's nearly one am and hence nearly bedtime. in other news, my earrings are giving me trouble yet AGAIN, so if anyone is really at a loss as to what to give me for christmas, a new pair of earlobes would be nice. -grins- goodnight everyone, and hope you're all having a good break wherever you are...=)

Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Laeving for home in a few hours, so everyone in Singapore -- i'll be back tomorrow! =) see you all soon!


Thursday, December 11, 2003

I Make A Triumphant Return

all done! fall quarter of my third year here at the U of C is safely over. perhaps the grades will be awful and perhaps they will be spectacular, but for now, i don't care. all that matters is that everything is over and we go on break -- for now.

spent the rest of today hanging out with Hanyann -we had lunch with Sean, then watched THREE movies at her place - The Italian Job, Tomb Raider 2: The Cradle of Life, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle -- and ate dinner and hung out and laughed ourselves silly with sheer delight that the madness is over and perhaps our brains can start to come back online now.

but now i am exhausted and will seek my bed...soon. =)


Monday, December 08, 2003

this is it, boys and girls: finals week begins tomorrow bright and early with an eight am final. they should be banned. but i will be finally free on wednesday afternoon...and that's only three short days away. in fact the worst will be over in 48 hours. wednesday i have music, a class that i really enjoy and seem to be reasonably good at, so i am not overly concerned about the exam. it's really Lipson's Intro to IR that is making me reeeeeaaaaaaally antsy.

Advent Vespers concert today, and my first time in my motet gown! let's just say that i got it cut too short and am now forced to find reasonable shoes to wear with it. everyone wears such pretty shoes -i fell in love with leah's the moment i saw them- and i was wearing boots because my pretty shoes would never have allowed me to stand throughout the Schutz Magnificat and the Monteverdi Gloria. for once i was practical rather than vain, and my feet are thanking me for it, not to mention my lower back.

singing in Rockefeller this evening was a real joy. i love the acoustic in there, it's perfect for the kind of music that we are making. and i love being back in shape singing-wise - to be able to open my mouth and be absolutely sure that i can control the tone and quality and volume and pitch of what comes out...and feel that awful rough edge that creeps back when i stop singing for a while disappear. it's a great feeling.

but now i have to focus on the fact that in less than twelve hours i have a final to take. blah. thank goodness the papers are written...

Saturday, December 06, 2003

working on papers always gives me the munchies. writing gives me the munchies. as i told alex earlier this evening, it is a good thing i'm not an author. i'd weigh three hundred pounds. as it is, i've already eaten entirely too much today and it's not even dinnertime yet -- but thanks to alex's bartlett points there is bagel maki in my fridge, and there were grapes but they are all gone now. along with three pieces of the bagel maki, which, for the uninitiated, is makizushi containing smoked salmon and cream cheese. i'm a big fan. lots of people aren't because (a) the salmon is smoked, not raw and (b) it contains cream cheese and rice. eh. =) i like it. and i've also discovered that i don't really enjoy sushi with chinese soya sauce, it just doesn't smell right. boo. but anyway. so i've cured my munchies, and i am halfway through my ODM paper on the US Mission in Vietnam in the 1960s, woohoo. it's amazing how much space words take up -- i'm at the end of page five of my max-ten-page paper, and i have yet to start on actual case fit yet. with one page for my conclusions that leaves me a whole four pages to discuss four hypotheses. uhoh.

so tenth week is at an end, and we are going to celebrate with a mini-former-mathewsniks reunion at the Florian in about an hour. whoopee. =) then finals will be upon us. -playing horror movie music-

before i leave, public service announcement: for those people who want something that needs to be bought in the US, or delivered to a US address ie Amazon-type stuff send me an email or leave me a msg on my icq and i'll see what i can do. if you want makeup, now is a good time to scream and yell...i am headed to Stila on Shereen's behalf in about a week's time. 'k?

i return to my work. until dinnertime. =)

Friday, December 05, 2003

crappy weather is here to stay!

i am pleased to announce the completion -mostly- of the lipson fifteen-pager. one paper down, one paper to go. time is getting tight on me...=) and yet i cannot find it in myself to bump the studying up a notch. Senioritis setting in a year too early? must be the fact that i am surrounded by them here at college...-wink-

am seriously looking forward to leaving chicago and going home for a little bit. think that the last eighteen weeks here in chicago have been a bit of a strain on my mental resources in terms of being away from the familiar. while i love being at school, and even the work, i'm not a huge fan of spending this much time away from my family and friends. guess i'm a homebody at heart. looking forward to seeing my sister, and my crazy immediate family, and the usual crew of 1A people who will be home and so forth. =)

and of course who could forget the food? i am going straight from the airport to ChompChomp for my sambal stingray, i can assure you. just like in june! -grins-

in the meantime, i need to go read about the US Mission [it took me seriously ten pages to figure out that by 'mission' they meant 'embassy like organisation' not 'christian evangelical association'] in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and then write a ten page paper about how the organisation -the US Military i guess- made (bad) decisions through this period. whoopee!

CHRISTMAS MOVIE TONIGHT. the season has arrived.

Monday, December 01, 2003

gah. -makes horrified noise- it's monday of tenth week already. and i still feel like crap. boo.

on the upside one third of the lipson paper is tentatively written -- my introduction takes up a lot more space than i previously imagined. the hard part begins when i start work after getting back from school.

school. -sigh- oh well, ODM can't be that bad. and i need to get the final question anyway. and there's music homework to turn in. and then i can come home after motet rehearsal and sleep.

being sick is a pain. and now alex is sick also, so there will be two people sort of mooching ard reluctant to do anything involving going outside. brr it's cold.

procrastinating, procrastinating

ho hum, it's sunday already? whatever happened to the time. hard to imagine that in two weeks fall quarter will be over -- in fact in less than two weeks for me. i will be done wednesday of finals week, thank god for small mercies. have accomplished SOME good today despite still feeling the effects of being sick:

finished most of the reading for the lipson paper hanging over my head;
wrote an outline of said paper that is a third as long as the finished paper needs to be, which gives me hope that it won't be TOO painful to write [though i need to get down to brass tacks and WRITE the damn thing soon];
bought groceries including ham and cheese and bread and coleslaw so i can have dinner at home tonight -and also left the apartment!

been drinking too much tea and coffee lately, i think my kidneys might be ready to go on strike soon. and watching too much anime. but i spent a lot of the last two days sleeping, so am getting over the cold fairly rapidly. [i slept nine hours last night and another hour or so today. don't even ask how many hours i slept yesterday, the number is huge and horrfying.] things left to accomplish -hopefully!- tonight:

(1) reading a case from the Pentagon Papers for ODM major-paperwriting this coming week;
(2) remembering to wake up early and go to the tailor to drop off my gown for shortening;
(3) perhaps starting on the Lipson paper, at least in an introductory fashion.

in the meantime there is dinner to be made and Simpsons/Escaflowne to be watched. and sometime tonight my roommate returns from Evanston.