Friday, December 05, 2003

crappy weather is here to stay!

i am pleased to announce the completion -mostly- of the lipson fifteen-pager. one paper down, one paper to go. time is getting tight on me...=) and yet i cannot find it in myself to bump the studying up a notch. Senioritis setting in a year too early? must be the fact that i am surrounded by them here at college...-wink-

am seriously looking forward to leaving chicago and going home for a little bit. think that the last eighteen weeks here in chicago have been a bit of a strain on my mental resources in terms of being away from the familiar. while i love being at school, and even the work, i'm not a huge fan of spending this much time away from my family and friends. guess i'm a homebody at heart. looking forward to seeing my sister, and my crazy immediate family, and the usual crew of 1A people who will be home and so forth. =)

and of course who could forget the food? i am going straight from the airport to ChompChomp for my sambal stingray, i can assure you. just like in june! -grins-

in the meantime, i need to go read about the US Mission [it took me seriously ten pages to figure out that by 'mission' they meant 'embassy like organisation' not 'christian evangelical association'] in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and then write a ten page paper about how the organisation -the US Military i guess- made (bad) decisions through this period. whoopee!

CHRISTMAS MOVIE TONIGHT. the season has arrived.


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