Friday, December 19, 2003


finally back in singapore and back online, albeit on a slow pokey 56.6k modem. blah. so i won't be spending THAT much time online for the next couple of days. also because i will be spending a lot of that time shopping for christmas presents with the momster, who has been waiting for me to return to begin the frantic search for The Perfect Gift for everyone on her list. including me. -grins- any ideas, anyone? what does a girl want anyway?

but it's good to be back in singapore -- my first official meal here was kaya toast at killeney road, with a soft-boiled egg and coffee and curry chicken. awesome. i miss this food so much when i am not here. =)

but it's nearly one am and hence nearly bedtime. in other news, my earrings are giving me trouble yet AGAIN, so if anyone is really at a loss as to what to give me for christmas, a new pair of earlobes would be nice. -grins- goodnight everyone, and hope you're all having a good break wherever you are...=)


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