Saturday, December 20, 2003

it's good to be back in this country, although the rain and the lack of reasonable shoes are conspiring against me to make my life a misery. =) i have been spending entirely too much time shopping -though in my defence a large amount of that is christmas shopping with my mother for other people- and spending entirely too much money. but i don't really object to spending huge amounts of money on my friends, only on myself.

but the real point of this blog entry is to castigate myself for my stupidity:

i bounced my tuition cheque. yes, you read that right. i wrote a cheque for tuition fees, mailed it in, and forgot to transfer money to my checking account to cover the amt -- so not only did i go into overdraft, i still owe the bursar money AND i bounced the cheque. there goes my credit, which has been painfully -no PAINSTAKINGLY- built over the last few months. i could shoot myself.

so there it is for everyone to see -- i am a grade A idiot. no wonder my finances will never be in good shape...

on quite another note, however, i checked my grades online and have realised that i did not do quite as badly as i thought i might have -- which means my GPA has not fallen below 'miserable' on the GPA scale yet, and not quite badly enough to warrant my Big Bosses coming down on me from above. so that's a bright spark in my doom-and-gloom, i-am-an-idiot scenario. =)

also, went to The Return of the King with alex today, was reasonably impressed. i have to say that my favourite of the three is The Two Towers because honestly, Return is at LEAST fifteen minutes too long and perhaps entirely too soppy. evan: i see what you mean re: women's lib and frankly i think that has nothing to do with Tolkien and everything to do with the director. it's a cute idea, a way of pointing out what difference may lie between the letter and the spirit of the law, so to speak. but i have to agree that it was totally jarring in the middle of a crazy battlefield in Middle Earth to have this women's lib moment. other than that i loved the scenery -oh New Zealand, i want to retire there- and it was good to see the end of the series, much as i REALLY wanted to smack Frodo on the upside of the head many a time through the entire movie. they shoulda given the ring to Samwise -- he would've been there and back again before we even had time to finish our sodas. =) but i'm biased; Frodo REALLY gets on my nerves.

time for me to retreat to bed now -- have a long day tomorrow involving many wonderful people like adrian, cecilia and rae =) yay!


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