Tuesday, December 30, 2003

kwek genes breeding true

i have discovered where the blame for my faulty left earlobe lies: squarely on the shoulders of my dad. =) at dinner tonight, mom mentioned at the table almost in passing that my ear has been giving me endless amounts of trouble, and we were stunned when both my aunts immediately grabbed their left ears and went 'yeah, the left one' and proceeded to describe precisely the same problems i've been having with mine. -amused- looks like the kwek genes bred true one more time in the kwek females.

we also have the same smile -if you cover our faces below the nose our smiles are virtually identical, it's weird- and [as my favourite aunt reminds me as we walk to the carpark] the same tendency to having fat behinds. -grins- oh great. i guess some things can't be defeated after all. =)

dinner tonight was good though i was banished to the 'kids' table - there are entirely too many adults in my family, it is ridiculous. daniel and i were at said table despite his being 27 [i think!] and my being 21; and if his older brother brian had been present he would have been at our table also. he's 29. -amused- but i'm glad daniel was here tonight- of the three older cousins, daniel is the only one with whom i have felt any sort of connection beyond 'hello' and 'goodbye', probably because despite eugene being nearer to me in age, daniel is the only one who makes an effort to talk to me when we are around each other. even when i was a teeny and he was still in NS - sticks out in my memory because of my grandmother's wake. daniel was the first guy i'd seen put on army boots - i hadn't imagined it was possible to lace up boots quite that fast without breaking a lace or a finger! -grins- so i guess i've always had a soft spot for neil that i don't have for either eugene or brian.

also finally saw my little cousin rachel, who is so tiny that despite being ridiculously tall for a six year old she is wearing a size 28 uniform to school on friday. yes, she finally starts school -at St. Nicholas, where i started school umptyumph years ago. wow. =)

so family dinner was all good, ate too much as always, and seeing my aunts and cousins is always good fun. roll on july! =)


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