Saturday, December 27, 2003

public service announcement

A01A 2000, if you are in town and are hankering after some coffee with mr R, be at the Holland V Coffee Bean at 1330 on monday afternoon. be there or be square -grin-

in other news, i have less than a week left of my winter break here in singapore, and will be heading back to chicago on saturday in the earlyearly am. =( at least it is not freezing -yet- oddly enough. no snow, instead, rain and eight degree weather. i swear this world is being turned on its ear.

finally had my favourite hainanese chicken rice at Far East this evening with cecilia. while it is not as oily and tasty as i remember, plus it was white chicken instead of roast chicken [i know, you chicken rice nazis, hainanese chicken rice chicken IS white, but i like roast chicken, ok? =p], it was still yummy enough to make me really happy. -grins- i love chicken rice. and when it is accompanied by great conversation and followed up with nice strong hot tea-o, it makes for a lovely evening. despite the rain and the heat and the humidity. hah!

wedding dinner to face tomorrow. someone remind me why wedding dinners invariably start late, end late, and take far too long?


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