Monday, December 08, 2003

this is it, boys and girls: finals week begins tomorrow bright and early with an eight am final. they should be banned. but i will be finally free on wednesday afternoon...and that's only three short days away. in fact the worst will be over in 48 hours. wednesday i have music, a class that i really enjoy and seem to be reasonably good at, so i am not overly concerned about the exam. it's really Lipson's Intro to IR that is making me reeeeeaaaaaaally antsy.

Advent Vespers concert today, and my first time in my motet gown! let's just say that i got it cut too short and am now forced to find reasonable shoes to wear with it. everyone wears such pretty shoes -i fell in love with leah's the moment i saw them- and i was wearing boots because my pretty shoes would never have allowed me to stand throughout the Schutz Magnificat and the Monteverdi Gloria. for once i was practical rather than vain, and my feet are thanking me for it, not to mention my lower back.

singing in Rockefeller this evening was a real joy. i love the acoustic in there, it's perfect for the kind of music that we are making. and i love being back in shape singing-wise - to be able to open my mouth and be absolutely sure that i can control the tone and quality and volume and pitch of what comes out...and feel that awful rough edge that creeps back when i stop singing for a while disappear. it's a great feeling.

but now i have to focus on the fact that in less than twelve hours i have a final to take. blah. thank goodness the papers are written...


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