Saturday, December 06, 2003

working on papers always gives me the munchies. writing gives me the munchies. as i told alex earlier this evening, it is a good thing i'm not an author. i'd weigh three hundred pounds. as it is, i've already eaten entirely too much today and it's not even dinnertime yet -- but thanks to alex's bartlett points there is bagel maki in my fridge, and there were grapes but they are all gone now. along with three pieces of the bagel maki, which, for the uninitiated, is makizushi containing smoked salmon and cream cheese. i'm a big fan. lots of people aren't because (a) the salmon is smoked, not raw and (b) it contains cream cheese and rice. eh. =) i like it. and i've also discovered that i don't really enjoy sushi with chinese soya sauce, it just doesn't smell right. boo. but anyway. so i've cured my munchies, and i am halfway through my ODM paper on the US Mission in Vietnam in the 1960s, woohoo. it's amazing how much space words take up -- i'm at the end of page five of my max-ten-page paper, and i have yet to start on actual case fit yet. with one page for my conclusions that leaves me a whole four pages to discuss four hypotheses. uhoh.

so tenth week is at an end, and we are going to celebrate with a mini-former-mathewsniks reunion at the Florian in about an hour. whoopee. =) then finals will be upon us. -playing horror movie music-

before i leave, public service announcement: for those people who want something that needs to be bought in the US, or delivered to a US address ie Amazon-type stuff send me an email or leave me a msg on my icq and i'll see what i can do. if you want makeup, now is a good time to scream and yell...i am headed to Stila on Shereen's behalf in about a week's time. 'k?

i return to my work. until dinnertime. =)


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