Friday, January 02, 2004

back to the old grind

leaving for chicago in a few hours -- the odds and ends of things left to finish. like take a shower, clean up, throw a last few oddments into my backpack, and lock all the bags. then sleep, and when i get up in the morning it's to face a 20 hour flight back to sub-zero weather for another six months of chicago life. there is, however, florida in spring break to look forward to...-grins-

it was a good break back here -- some sunshine, lots of time spent with the Wormz -always a good thing-, lots of good food. perhaps too much -- i don't know if my clothes back in chi-town fit right now! which could be a disaster seeing as it is winter and i really do need all the clothes i can get. =) but it'll go away soon enough. of course there were things i didn't get to do, people i didn't get to see, things i didn't get to eat, but on the whole things back here were great. driving around with cowan and charles last night in a mini-convoy of two cars, walking on bedok jetty at midnight [not so much the getting scolded by both parents for getting home 'late' despite assurances that cowan was with me AND he was dropping me off at the front door, for goodness sakes] ; new year's eve party at ying's place reminding me of how old we all are; dinner with all my family on both sides. all good things. =)

but i'm also looking forward to returning to my sedentary life in chicago, with my own apartment and a bed that doesn't creak when i roll over and jab me in the ribs when i don't. =) and who can forget classes. =)

i'm such a U of C geek.

but anyways -- Happy New Year to everyone who reads this =) and the next time i post it will be from my DSL connection in chi-town!


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