Monday, January 12, 2004

before i get back to work on my one page summary for Little Red Schoolhouse, four things:

(1) West Wing is one of the greatest TV series ever made, and watching two episodes in one sitting is merely whetting my appetite for some kind of marathon at the end of this quarter. in the meantime, i continue to wish that Bush were more like Martin Sheen, which is a kind of terrifying kind of wish. thanks alex for the great present. =)

(2) Adrian, i have to register my protest against your latest posting on your blog. =p

(3) i've heard from janice over in barca! she's doing well, lacking in internet access other than GSB computers, which are a rare commodity at the best of times, and enjoying the sunshine [which we are also getting, for the moment, albeit minus the heat...but it's currently THREE DEGREES!]

(4) Feng-Yuan is now 22! granted this birthday announcement/wish is several days late, but i did remember to wish him in the day itself, although on chicago time, so =p Happy Birthday, old boy. =)


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