Thursday, January 22, 2004


my laptop is currently experiencing issues with microsoft products such as Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer --i never knew Explorer ran this many functions until It Stopped Working a few hours ago- so forgive me if for the next couple of days i either do not post anything or post multiple times each time screaming about how much i hate microsoft.

at this point i'm pretty much decided that i'm gonna switch over to ibooks, but this always happens when my laptop starts to piss me off so. but this time around, i have actually been using an ibook and i quite like it, so who knows what will happen.

in other news:

Happy New Year everyone! well it's not officially new year here yet, but it certainly is back home. i just got off the phone with my crazy family -grin- who spent all their time telling me about all the food i'm missing out on. with the exception of my grandfather, and that's because he's deaf in one ear and couldn't hear me at all. -shakes head- gotta love my folks, they're all insane, but in a good way.

so. i'll keep y'all posted on the status of my currently non-working microsoft products -- this may involve calling them tomorrow or friday and yelling at them. -who knows if i'll have time tomorrow?

Happy New Year. =)


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