Monday, January 05, 2004

New Year Resolutions

our little new year resolutions party didn't quite work out at Ying's on NYE's -as i recall my only contribution was to learn 20s charleston, and right now i'm not even sure that's a possibilty- but i am seized -or was seized, on the plane- with the desire to make some newish ones right now. so here goes:

(1) The Perennial -I Will Lose A Few Pounds- involving either going to the Gym, swimming in Ratner -i have yet to be in it!-, or hopefully just walking in the bitter bitter cold to school will take care of the cardio parts of that;

(2) Do Pilates once hopefully twice a week - my muscles need to be strengthened so that the bitchass backaches don't kill me, and my posture improves. plus it will be cool to have some hang-out time with Hanyann and Claire, and the studio isn't far from the apartment at all.

(3) Boost my GPA hopefully improve my writing and try to stay motivated through all my classes this quarter. ooh good luck with this one, jeanette.

(4) Strongly consider moving over to LJ sometime soon. when i get bored enough winter quarter you'll know what happens...

hmm. looks like a tall order to me...


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