Friday, January 23, 2004

oh, the U of C

From Nathan, who transferred to UPenn at the beginning of the year:

NDRITS: i went to get my fourth quarter nat sci credit trannied over to penn
NDRITS: so i end up in some fucking crazy prof's office in i don't even know
which department
NDRITS: so i'm sort of following him around as he walks ans files stuff (it's
after hours and he's really busy)
NDRITS: he asks where i came from, and when i say chicago, the guy stops what
he's doing, looks up at me, and says "why the hell did you transfer?"
NDRITS: then, he says, what do ya need, credit? ok, what do you want....
NDRITS: not even joking
NDRITS: so i told him
NDRITS: and so he signed the forms
NDRITS: and now i have penn credit, just like that...he didn't even look at the
syllabus...not even a glance...for all he new i was bullshitting, but he was so
impressed with chicago it didn't even matter
NDRITS: anyway, i thought all of you suffering in the cold would appreciate to
hear of the respect that chicago gets out here in the ivory leagues

in other news, it's so far below freezing here my legs get numb walking to school, and my feet haven't been warm since i got out of bed this morning. oh, and it's chinese new year. =)


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