Saturday, January 17, 2004

refining, always refining

still mentally processing possiblities for the ASEAN paper. think i have fixed on ASEAN as some kind of focus. as pstan said last night, ASEAN shouldn't be too hard to write a bigpicture paper about. the question remains as to which big picture i want to write about. -sigh-

(1) the relative gains argument i clumsily wrote around in the last post about this paper. i'm still not sure how i am going to articulate that to myself, much less my TA, much less my professor in a paper proposal that's due thursday. -gloom- all i know at this point is if i do write the relative gains argument it will be somewhat to do with the relationship between economic and military security -growing your way out of trouble argument, as it were. that said, i'm not sure how i'm going to write some kind of paper about this topic...from a historical perspective? like a survey paper?

-in the 1960s, the ASEAN region was faced with tremendous political and economic uncertainty
-solution to the problem was to create ASEAN focused on economic cooperation. why?
-because we want to grow our way out of political instability.

does that work?

(2) cheetung suggested something about airline regulations intended to keep budget airlines out of the air within AFTA. with an eye to keeping our national carriers alive -m'sian airlines, sia, etc. which leads to a bigger question of writing regulations hiding protectionist sentiments -back to the old non-tariff barriers argument. i can go over the literature and find out what kinds of things AFTA has been up to, and see if they have actually benefited the countries as much as they should, and also how you could interpret cooperation on various issues in terms of the theory. a solid paper, but somehow less interesting than the historical survey one, i suppose.

ahhhh decisions. TA session this afternoon. have to hit the library prior and find some material. ahhhh.


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