Monday, January 05, 2004

safely back. the flight from narita to chicago was horrendously long, compounded by the fact that the guy in front of me had reclined his seat til his head was practically in my lap -and- i had horrible cramps in my legs for hours which stopped me from staying in one position for longer than half a minute at a time. made alex's life miserable. =) but we got back ok, had dinner with hanyann, and then collapsed in bed at the unknown hour of ten pm. combination of getting old and jetlag...not good.

and we were up again at four am. -grins- however time was fruitfully spent playing Civ III until the Original Pancake House opened its doors at seven am, at which point we had breakfast...first time i've been to the OPH and didn't have to stand and wait for twenty min for a table. there's something to be said for this whole wake-up-early schtick. -grins-

it's a hell of a snowstorm going now -thank god we flew in yesterday, that's all i can say- downtown is obscured, the edges of hyde park are obscured! in a flurry of descending snow. it's all white and pretty, and will remain so for approximately half an hour after it stops, beyond which it will be all grey and slushy. but til then...=)

school starts tomorrow. wish us luck!


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