Thursday, February 05, 2004

at some point today i will be writing a 500 word [or less] critique of the assumptions of game theory as it pertains to international relations. until then i am goofing off listening to the CD of the Motet's Advent Vespers concert, updating my blog while reading other people's blogs [oh gosh, Sudeep's voice is amazing], and reading Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon. which is good stuff. i started it this morning because i was reluctant to get out of bed and start my workday. for some obscure reason i thought reading would make it easier to get out bed -- i'm not quite sure what kind of crack my brain was pretending to be on this morning when it thought THAT up, because clearly it didn't work out so well. when nine-thirty rolled around it was painful dragging myself into the shower, away from that lovely book...

in other news: my parents have decided to get me an iPod for my birthday! which is, incidentally, in one months' time. =) it struck me, as i loafed off in bed this morning, that the smallest iPod -not the mini, which has 4GB, but the real iPods- has a greater capacity to hold music than my laptop has to hold anything. my laptop, poor dear ancient thing, has just 10GB. i know, she's a baby by current standards, but she's almost three, cut her some slack -grin- isn't that a weird thought? that a tiny little thing the size of my palm can hold more information than a laptop the size of...well of my lap. -grin-

time to go read some more Cryptonomicon...i mean polsci reading. =)


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