Friday, February 20, 2004

breaking news:

there's been a gas leak in my apartment building, and the building's been evacuated. it's really exciting, in an apocalyptic kind of way. i was walking back to my apartment, and as i neared 55th and Dorchester, i realised the flashy-lights i had noticed earlier in a sort of peripheral manner were attached to fire-trucks, ambulances, and cop cars parked outside my building. the fire-trucks were attached to fire hydrants. there was a helicopter, which i had also registered in the back edge of my mind as 'hanging around up there in a stationary position', flying small tight circles around my building. there were firemen and cops and there was crime scene tape -the bright yellow tape with 'do not cross' on it- everywhere. so i walked, in a tentative manner, up to a policeman and asked him if i could go into the building.

'Do you live in this building?' indicating the South Tower.

'No, I live in the North Tower.'

'You can't go in there, it's been evacuated. There's been a gas leak.'

my mind shuts down for a couple of moments while i wonder, in a befuddled, stupid manner, if i had somehow left the gas on in the morning before leaving my apartment (seeing as i was the first one out this morning, that is sort of stupid, because my roommate would have smelled it) and hence caused this huge flashy-light show. then i gather my senses enough to go into the south tower lobby and find out that there had been some kind of maintenance work done during which they'd hit the gas pipe or something. and that we would probably not be let back into the building in the near future (six to eight hours was bandied around, to my horror). so after calling my roommate and warning her, i headed back here to Hutch, where i am blogging away. (i've also called my mother, who is alternating between amused and excited, and being sorry that i have been thrown out into the cold -well relative cold; it's above freezing today)

more when i return to my apartment, hopefully tonight. for now, dinner. =)


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