Sunday, February 22, 2004

evan, this one's for you:

work = force x distance = m.a.d = Mutual Assured Destruction = nuclear holocaust

hang in there, i'm sure you'll be fine in the end. -grin-

just watched Lost in Translation (we stopped by the grocery on the way home and rented it, and then bought four servings of yoghurt and one tub of raspberry sherbet) followed by the last half-an-hour-ish of what looks like the last episode of Season Two of The West Wing on ABC. so i'm sort of tv-ed out, while simultaneously in a somber mood. Lost in Translation is absolutely fantastic -i believe everyone who's told me that before now. good call y'all-. i can't quite describe what it's about or quite do justice to it in words. suffice to say that it's more about the absences than the presences, i think. and the acknowledgement of connections and misconnections.

missed Kill Bill last night despite our best intentions to make it because -get this- there was a blackout in Ida Noyes, and they evacuated the building. it was also Mardi Gras celebration night, and that got cleverly cancelled thanks to the blackout. what is going on on campus? first Hutch loses power for about four hours, and now Ida gets it right when half of campus wants to watch a good movie at cheap prices. oh well.

time for me to get some sleep -- it's one thirty in the morning, and i really should be in bed!


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