Tuesday, February 17, 2004

finally, some original content

because i want to (a) procrastinate and (b) complain about how all the classes i want to take are always at the same time or (this is a new complaint) clash with Motet rehearsals. here's a list of classes i want to take:

Introduction to Game Theory
Introduction to East Asian Politics and Security
The European Union
Seminar on Realism
Economy of Ancient Rome
Introduction to Finance

because of multiple time clashes, the only class i can definitely take is Economy of Ancient Rome. gah. so i'm gonna sacrifice game theory and take yet more East Asian classes (i predict at this rate i will be able to graduate from this college with three degrees: one in economics, one in political science, and one in East Asian studies) and then praypraybegonmyknees to take Mearsheimer's Seminar (which knocks out Finance). at this rate, i'm never gonna get my economics degree. -sigh- i only need four more classes. why is it so ridiculously hard to get them??

and can i handle two seminar classes, both on wednesdays? (Realism and the European Union, though that could be potentially all kinds of cool)

decisions, decisions.


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