Thursday, February 26, 2004

for two old friends

Nothing [5 sept 1999]

sing, crystal angel:
you will shatter, even as your melody falls
on a thousand tone-deaf ears
that exist in this circumference-centred realm
your wing too fragile to sustain the deep
resonance of your longing –
no mortal vessel can hold the entirety of nothingness.

but you can no more silence yourself
than the blade of grass turn aside
ice fingers of Jack Frost.
you vibrate to the tapping of visions:
each sliver of your fragmented shape
reflects chord upon chord of
Immortal-drawn Self –
lead-tainted crystal has poisoned you with hope.

crystal-singer, you want to imagine
some tin soldier heeds your passionate cry;
a wooden world wakes to your pitiful plea;
even if the price is yourself.

can you ever accept that no one is listening?


Three Ways of Looking At Love [5 july 2001]


we laugh, and we play,
but most of all, beyond all,
we sing.
and as we sing our marvellous way,
we laugh, we play, and sometimes
sometimes we fall, tremulous, in love
with each other,
absorbed by the perfect chord,
consumed by our passion for
making music.

eyes closed in effortless escape,
dive headlong overboard into the
splendour falls of song, swim
the heady rush of soprano melody
upstream fade into sensual bass thrum,
half heard half felt, deep in the bones,
aching in the soul. we ring triumph in
soaring tenor tones pealing the
lonely alto darkness, universe-wide.
heart over head rapids rushing
devour us; we dissolve into
the harmony we paint one another.


wear white gold around a finger,
wear it a reminder of those you have lost
into the sargasso of your past. wear a
never-again love on your sleeve;

and bell-jar yourself
in antiseptic purity. is this love,


timeless ritual floods the air
flowing warm against my skin
soothing; bathing me with the
tender-rough caress of a lover’s hand;
coursing my spine tumbling with the
flaming fury of reassurance,
and I can breathe again:
feel my lungs expand
absorbing the peace
of familiarity
and the infinite grace
of home.


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