Sunday, February 08, 2004

home sweet home

back from galesburg. the concert was a remarkable success considering that neither choir had any idea what the other was doing for this concert...coincidentally we'd picked a couple of composers in common and it gave randi and tim something to talk about other than the food we were promised post concert. [which failed to materialise in the form tt randi had implied -- it was reception finger food, not dinner. we remedied that by miguel ordering a pizza almost immediately after we hit the hotel and started the post-concert party]

the auditorium was amazing, warm and cozy. it produced the most gorgeous sound from the guys -of course that meant that every single mistake was amplified too. -amused- one moment sticks out really well: the guys started of There Is No Rose in the weirdest way i have ever heard them do it, and Randi shoots them this Look: the -what the fuck was THAT- look, and i almost lost it right there and then. but after that, it was beautiful. i think the ending was as beautiful as i've ever heard us do that piece. i almost cried.

the schmoozing after was kind of boring, i lack schmoozing skills...and then i was too tired to really hit the post-party. so, that was galesburg. the busrides were ok. =) it was nice to hang out with aaron for a bit.

but now i'm back in the HP, need to get my shit together and some work done. instead i am reading Stephenson's Cryptonomicon, napping, and going downtown to have dinner at the Star of Siam and watch Mystic River with pstan. the movie was excellent, i enjoyed myself, and i am still reluctant to work. -moan-

hopefully tomorrow will be better workwise. gonna hit BJ for brunch tomorrow morning, then slug it out at the Reg for a while before church, and hopefully get lots of shit done. but don't get your hopes up.


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