Friday, February 06, 2004

leaving for galesburg, il at noon. from the emails bouncing around on the motet mailing list this overnight trip is going to be a blast, but right now i have the opening sally for my ASEAN paper swimming around in my head, and it's frustrating to know that i won't be able to work on it until i get back tomorrow. on the other hand i can take my reading with me, and perhaps get some of it done on the bus, if the China reading doesn't take all of three hours, or we don't wind up singing random songs gratituously. [THAT was a long sentence. boo.]

i wandered around inside JSTOR and LexisNexis last night, looking for stuff on Hui Liangyu, China's new Vice-Premier in charge of agriculture, and realised that i am an idiot for not looking up ASEAN stuff there as well. so i typed in 'ASEAN and formation of' into the search engine and lo and behold, tons of papers popped up regarding the first few years around ASEAN's inception. wow. i AM an idiot. but it reminds me of why i love being at college, with all these resources at hand. i mean, when else after college am i going to be able to access all these periodicals and not have to pay for it? even at the office all i'm gonna get is Factiva and maybe if i'm lucky World News and LexisNexis. no more JSTOR, which is where all the juicy stuff is. -boo-.

in other news, since i know lots of people who know janice read this: jan is still in barca and is doing ok now. she was mugged on sunday and was hurt, wound up in the emergency room and was out of things for a couple of days, but she's back on her feet and back in classes now. if you get a chance, send her an email and threaten to break her assailant's kneecaps. ok? =)

anyway, gotta go print out said readings and maybe eat some breakfast and pack and change before going to see matteo before walking to the Chapel -not to get married, but to leave for Galesburg with the rest of motet on a schoolbus. -grin- [i just mistyped 'motet' several times as 'moet', i'm not sure what that betrays about my internal workings] oh, and alex is going to be in new york for the long weekend, lucky pig =) but i'll be back here, back to work tomorrow afternoon. -groan-

see y'all tomorrow!


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