Saturday, February 28, 2004

many things to say re: many people, so i am going to start at random and then make sense of it later, perhaps.

(1) dan: i stopped by his blog and discovered to my pleasure that it is indeed my blog linked from his under the disconcerting but perhaps accurate pseudonym 'Chick'. as in baby chicken. -amused-

(2) cheetung: now that he has deigned to grace us with his online presence again (dude, that dissertation must be requiring some massive procrastination time. good luck!), his stuff is even more entertaining than ever before. go read his latest re: ringing phones and imperatives in life that have nothing to do with doing the work required to graduate (oh how i sympathise: i have shitloads of reading for a class in which i have to write a paper and all of it undone)

(3) evan: congratulations on half-colours! -grin-

(4) my parents aren't going to be visiting in May, which makes me sad. because they aren't going to see my apartment (dad's seen it but mom hasn't!) and also because i don't get to see them til june. however, the reason for this is that we are going on a cruise to alaska after spring quarter, so it's not a disaster.

(5) i got my iPod to work, and it's now playing Yo-Yo Ma's performance of Bach's Cello Suites, hooked up to my excellent speaker system and also freeing up some memory from my hard drive. most excellent. =) (oh yo-yo ma, you are so cool. i love this set of suites. i will willingly listen to them over and over despite having had to do that my first fall quarter at this university taking Critical Appreciation with H and wanting to kill the instructor for making us do this)

i also need to do things like figure out how to get pictures up on this blog - i am convinced i can somehow use university resources to put my photos up so i link to them -but prior to that i need to get batteries for my camera, which is currently dead. and rewrite an old paper (from spring quarter my first year) so i can turn it in for LRS: it's about the emergence of capitalism in early modern europe, and i need to find some kind of reader for it who isn't William Sewell, who taught the class. bah! =P so if anyone has any ideas on who on earth could possibly care about this paper who isn't an ivory-tower academic, please, tag me. -despair-

and now it's 1030 on friday, and i am hungry and have work to do. shopping beckons this afternoon, so more later.


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