Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Morning Express

To the crew on the Morning Express, via email:

Hi Guys:

I'm an overseas student and really really miss listening to the Morning Express. I woke up to you guys for years [well really to the National Anthem, since my alarm would go off shortly before six am] before moving out here to Chicago for college. Imagine my excitement when I learned that I could listen to you guys over the Internet every night while slogging my way through piles of neverending homework. Then imagine my despair as time and again I get the annoying 'Server Bandwidth Exceeded' message as I try and try to get my Flying Dutchman fix. Please please get your guys on this so I and the hundreds of other Singaporeans overseas can continue to listen to our favourite morning show, instead of being forced to listen to Virgin Radio over iTunes to get quality non-hiphop/rap radio programs over here in Chicagoland. Save us! =) Thanks!

perhaps it will amuse the crew. in fact, perhaps i will make their show! but ah...the wonderful irony of life -- i won't be able to hear it, because Server Bandwidth will be Exceeded.


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