Saturday, February 28, 2004

a most excellent afternoon spent out shopping on michigan avenue. i've finally had my Chipotle burrito -hold the beans, extra rice (no Atkins diet for me, i'm a huge carb-whore)- which sustained me through an afternoon walking around the MagMile, as well as a sidetrip out to SportMart where we failed to find alex his new bag (does no one in Chicago carry Deuters? they seriously need to up their marketshare, people) but managed to get him a new pair of walking shoes, to replace the pair that are semi-destroyed. (he says it's my bad example, since i go everywhere in my trainers. well he doesn't have to follow my bad example, so there. =p) my haul? tons of earrings, and some stuff to rescue my poor abused face. i look like the right side of my face is falling off. it's awful. also a cinammon-sugar pretzel and lemonade from Auntie Anne's. that stuff is GOOD.

i've also just spent the last two and half hours watching first Celebrity Spelling Bee followed by Who Wants To Be A Supermillionaire?. i'm pleased that i can outspell the celebrities on the show most of the time, and also that an eight year-old boy named Sameer Patel can outspell us all. he's a great kid. =) and the questions on Supermillionaire! putting aside the fact that there is no way in hell i can win Fasters Fingers First since i am a psychomotor moron, there's still no way i can get to 10,000,000. i'd be stumped by the 100,000 dollar question. mostly because it's starting to involve american history and domestic politics, and i just completely draw a blank there. (it strikes me that most of A01A, and the Humanz tutors, who i would call as my Lifeline, would also be rather helpless when it comes to wondering if Frist(?) is the Senator(?) of Tennessee. though they might be able to tell me how many American presidents have come and gone in the time Castro has been in power)

now i really should go take a look at that capitalism paper. -huge sigh-

UPDATE: i just opened it. i looked it over. oh my god. it's going to take me ALL WEEKEND to revise it. was i really that stupid back in first year? Thank You William Sewell for my grade. i totally did not deserve it at ALL.


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