Monday, February 02, 2004

oh, the superbowl

my first football game of the year -on the telly, of course- was the Superbowl. not too bad a game -even alex was getting into it -grin- as it progressed. conveniently scoreless until we returned home from church too, which was nice, and then a blitz of scoring. yay the Patriots for a flashy ending.

on the other hand, the halftime show -which everyone seems to think is one of the big highlights of the superbowl, along with the commercials that cost obscene amts of money to put on during the Superbowl itself- was a complete disappointment. the Drudge Report went to town on it; the Times had a few words to say about it, and i'm sure if i bothered to go look it up, CBS and MTV would be bitching it out online too. all i can say is -dear god, Janet and Justin, there are kids watching the show. if you can't come up with some real musical talent between you then get your lousy asses off the stage and let someone who can sing and dance take the stage. no one wants to see bared body parts after a performance like that -shudder- i think it'll be giving me nightmares for a while.

time to get back to work. Chinese Politics midterm tomorrow. -sigh- booo for midterms.


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