Thursday, February 26, 2004

Spring Cometh!

but that's not the point of this message. though it is a sunny 2 degrees out, and the sky is an impossible, unreal shade of blue that shades from a rich royal to a faint, delicate baby blue with baby'sbreath clouds floating around over the city. walking to school this morning i unconsciously slowed down so that i would be able to stay outdoors longer, and savour the knowledge that slowly but surely, Spring Cometh. =)

however, the point of this post is this: i picked up the iPod today. -grin- the store called while i was at rehearsal, so upon checking my voicemail i did a little dance in Fulton (recital hall), then legged it over to the campus computing store and picked it up. it's charging right now, and i am being outrageous about downloading lots of my CDs onto the computer to move to the iPod once it's fully charged -around dinnertime. more later on my frustrations at trying to make it work =)


in honour of my procrastination and my decision not to move over to LJ -at least, if i DO go to LJ, it'll be in addition to Blogger-, the links are back on my sidebar. yay.


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