Sunday, February 29, 2004

tevas, oh tevas

i was reminded earlier this morning that i didn't say anything on last night's blog about the Teva sandals i almost got for a song -read 15 USD. -moan- now, i'm a kids size 5 (having discovered this by trying on a 4 and realising it was slightly too small, then a 6 and realising i could get one and a half feet into it). of course, SportMart doesn't have any of those in stock. it hardly seems fair that i am the most common foot size for kids as well as women (well at least in Singapore i am) which means that when it comes to shoes/sandals on sale, my size is always out of stock. boo =(

-sigh- the time has come to go shoe-hunting, to replace my almost-dead Reebok sandals, my no-longer-waterproof NB trainers, and the pair of stacked-rubber-heeled Payless shoes that every singaporean girl in chicago (ok that's an exaggeration, just me and janice and amanda and maybe someone else. but i think amanda might have two pairs. =p) owns that i threw out two days ago becos they were just dead. aiyee!!


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