Monday, February 23, 2004

what next?

i woke up on a lovely, pseudo-rainy cool morning to get this crap in my inbox. props to kevin for pointing out quite how low the standards of journalism have sunk in my region of the world (wait, doesn't that imply that at some point it was higher than this? hmm...)

i'll say here what i said in the email to A01A, though i must admit that Josh expresses my irritation more eloquently and a lot more profanely -to my great enjoyment- on his blog.

-rolls eyeballs- oh come on...who writes this drivel? ok, granted an unreasonably large number of 'elite' kids are also, unfortunately, arrogant and small-minded kids (welcome to the Singaporean education system, where minds are slammed shut faster than the speed of light); and granted that a large number of kids from 'elite' schools tend to wind up dating each other. so what? kids from neighbourhood schools wind up dating each other also, no one kicks up a fuss about that. it's partly a function of seeing each other every day, being in the same place at the same time, and having things in common to talk about, for goodness sakes. or didn't this writer take econometrics -grin-

i have to say though, the kids like RJCDude need a good kick in the pants. =) and that this writer is clearly taking advantage of some people's ability to be realistic about relationships -ie the fact that there will be income disparity, or there will be differences in interests between the two. -shrugs- but if they can deal with it, more power to them! (because all i'm saying here is, being an rgs girl, i know how hard it is to live with our crazed, outspoken personalities, 'elite' school boy or not =p)

-shaking head- gah. i'm not quite sure who to be more disgusted with, the muckraking reporter/journalist/really bad writer; or Get Real, Cynic, Super-infector or, of course, the one who started it all, RJCDude. bah.

oh, oh, and i love this kid. reading his latest effort not only made me laugh out loud in my cereal, but also forget how annoyed i was with RJCDude. -grin-


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