Monday, March 01, 2004

ah, the oscars

i wasted several hours of my life sitting in front of our tiny tv this evening, watching the award show for this year's Oscars. as expected, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King did extremely well -i was particularly pleased that they got best song, becos i really like the chorus-y part- which leads me to wonder why i watched the award ceremony at all. my favourite part is the red carpet, and that's over in like half an hour before they even start. i could've done so much more work, and just tuned in for the last ten min to see who won best picture -as if there would be any surprise there.

in other news, LRS is still kicking my ass, but i have reached the point where i am just ready to turn in the damn thing without a conclusion. it's a draft, after all. it doesn't have to be a finished, polished masterpiece. (i would just like it to be.) and i'm starting, slowly and laboriously, to outline and to write duncan's final paper. -groan- having read what i was supposed to read over the weekend from The Rational Design of International Institutions, i have discovered that my paper -which was turned in last tuesday- is once again quite quite inadequate but oh well. it's not my fault this time -duncan didn't get to where he was supposed to have gotten before we had to write that blasted paper! anyways, things make a lot more sense and i think i can steam along pretty easily once i get into write-mode.

which means tomorrow, hitting the reg with the iBook, and blasting music happily from the iPod. ah, march. it's finally here. (it was a positively balmy 15C today! people were out on the bartlett quad lying on the dead brown grass in the afternoon sunshine. i really wanted to lie out there too, but there are -how inconvenient!- no power outlets in the middle of the barlett (or any other) quad for me to charge my batteries off of. booo. and tomorrow it promises rain. well today, really, since it's past midnight. bedtime.)


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