Monday, March 29, 2004

ah spring quarter

i'm back from spring break and oh what a break it was. =)

sunshineyblazinghot beach in Fort Lauderdale -the one day i just lay like a dead fish on a lounger on the sand, half-shaded by an umbrella, slathered in sunblock SPF 30 so i could tan without peeling, all through the hottest part of the day, or walking on coarse shellcovered sand with water (i could see the bottom and the water was a lovely clear greenyblue) lapping at and over my pinknailpolished toes-; wandering around on the deck of a relatively small cruiseship in heels, seasick in high winds and rough seas, but surviving; walking around Nassau in the Bahamas and tumbling headoverheels in the crashing surf (breakers taller than my head!) on a beach on Paradise Island, where i sunburned in the merciless heat of the noonday sun, unprotected by my (forgotten) sunblock. running around Disneyworld, a three year old all over again, rushing through Space Mountain (twice!) and Splash Mountain in the sun; shooting Zurg in Buzz Lightyear world; taking a child-sized train ride and watching the parade at night, with the lights turned off and Disney lighting up the world. remembering that this -not the rides and the kookiness of daytime Disneyworld- is Disney's magic. and the fireworks late in the night lighting up Cinderella's castle and the entire park, bright as day. wishing on a Disney star.

i had a lot of fun -muchos gracias to vincent for organising our little jaunt- and did some reading and learned to play three-card-draw solitaire on my iPod. (gotta love that machine!) and talked to my cousins for more than an hour on the phone, using my mom's ICC card mercilessly. sorry mom. =)

but now it's back to the old grindstone, spring quarter starts tomorrow. however, the sun is shining -it's HOT!- and the birds are singing, and i should have a four day weekend if all goes well. (in which case i may flake off and go to boston for a weekend, like i've been planning for oh, forever now) so. Spring Quartern 2004, here we come!


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