Tuesday, March 30, 2004

ahhhh starting spring quarter

laundry is done, phone calls have been made, emails written and replied to. classes start soon. motet rehearsal in 45 min. (i wonder if i have a voice left?) now i just need to scramble things in order, find some relatively decent clothes to wear -it's fourteen degrees out! while a pleasant change from before-spring-break-chicago, it's an unpleasant change from spring-break-florida...- and zoom myself out of the apartment for a pleasant three hour trainwreck of rehearsal and Introduction to Finance, the ultimate backup class. (perhaps i will take Economics of Sport with Sanderson instead. then i'd be with janice and probably simon also.)

please let me get into Regulation of Vice and Seminar on Realism.

in other news i am starting to freak out about my lack of BA ideas. help me. i see duncan tomorrow at 1330.


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