Sunday, March 14, 2004

Blogger appears to be back to normal, so here i am.

just read rae's post over on her blog. which reminded me that by this time tomorrow afternoon, the first one of us Mathewsniks is going to be gone. Sean's graduated, and he's leaving for home tomorrow. next week, he's leaving for Hungary to play chess before he starts law school in the fall. we had -rachel organised- a graduation party-cum-birthday celebration of the march babies party yesterday at her apartment, and it was great. sort of just like old times, when we lived in Mathews and were up at some ungodly hour and just randomly decided to get drunk.

it's going to be weird to think about Sean's not-being-here. not that i see Sean all that much anyway, but it's still going to be strange to think that when next quarter rolls around, he won't be living in the apartment above Morrie's anymore. and it's more than likely that i won't see Sean again. it sounds melodramatic but hey, i live on the other side of the world, really, and what are the odds? and the whole party/graduation thing reminded me that next quarter lots more people are going to graduate, and leave, scattered to the four winds. Rachel, Pstan, Hanyann. some of my favourite people here at the U of C. and then it'll be my final year, and then it'll be my turn to fly away home, across the sea. perhaps for good.

so, in response to rae's comment that '[she] never tells [her] friends how important they are', i have to say that my friends are so very important to me. that they are a huge part of what makes this college life special and irreplaceable and oh so much better than if i had gone to NUS. so different than if i had gone elsewhere. and when they leave for other places and other people in a few months' time, this college life will be something very different for me. it's going to be a strange final year.


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