Thursday, April 01, 2004

a brief update

in between the runnings-around, the screaming, and the tearing my hair out regarding class schedule for the quarter, i'm going to stop here and update all you interested people on what my schedule looks like as of now. those of you who aren't interested, the rest of the post will hold nothing of interest. -grin-

i got into The European Union with Sebastian, who has an awesome accent and has assigned an 'inordinate' amount of reading. thanks, apparently, to my short little blurble on 'Why I Want To Take This Class' in which i mentioned my BA and Duncan several times, and just generally pleaded the rest of the time.

i've also just received an email from Jim Leitzel saying that against all odds and all expectations, i have a slot in Regulation of Vice, if i want it. he's signing pink slippies tomorrow.

i also spoke to Mearsheimer this afternoon after stopping by his office door and noticing an absence of the promised list of names that he's admitting to his Seminar on Realism. screwing my courage to the sticking place, i asked him if he knew if my name was on the list. he was 'almost certain' it is. hopefully his memory is not playing tricks on him, and i have indeed gotten a coveted slot in said class. (again, i mentioned my BA and duncan several times in the course of HIS version of 'Why I Want To Take This Class'. man, this BA is getting a workout and it hasn't even been written yet!) i'll check in the morning.

but i can sleep easy tonight knowing that i am finally officially in at least three classes this quarter, and will not get kicked out of the country for losing my precious F-1 visa.

what this means, however, is an inordinately heavy workload and no sleep or fun for the next ten weeks. (which will make up for the totally slack ten weeks i had last quarter. hmm.) both seminars involve shitloads of reading, while Leitzel's class involves a lot of writing (which i enjoy but in THIS quantity?). and the East Asian Security class is also kind of stressful. so what should i do. i think that if push comes to shove i'm going to drop the East Asian. there is No Way In Hell i am dropping either the EU or Realism; and Regulation of Vice is hard to get into at the best of times. and i still need to graduate with that econ degree, or breach my contract.

still, it's nice to have the opposite pressure of choices rather than the lack of them. =)


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