Tuesday, March 02, 2004

double rainbow!

because i'm lazy and because it's raining, i'm not going to pilates class this afternoon as previously planned. (it's much harder to make it there when there's no one to force me to go, ie Hanyann is working in the lab and won't be there tonight) it's one of those spring-is-coming sudden rainshowers (thunderstorm, the weather forecast calls it, as if we could have real thunderstorms before summer hits us), blowing up out of nowhere in a clear sky and showering us with semi-cold rain that's oddly refreshing -and extremely damp. hence the desire not to be outside. it's probably over by now, but now i'm too lazy to leave the apartment again. (i got all the way downstairs and out the front door before i realised it was raining)

but while i was on my way out the front door, i looked up, and hanging in the sky in front of me was a double rainbow. this must be the second time in my entire life i can remember seeing a double rainbow. one is terribly, wonderfully clear - i can see at least five colours instead of my usual miserable three- and the second, a shadowy echo of the first hovering just above it in the air, not so clear -maybe an echo of three or so colours. but distinctly a rainbow nonetheless.

that just made my day.

now i'm gonna go back to writing this duncan-paper (progress is being made, slowly but surely) after taking a break to (a) watch the Simpsons -it's so strange to watch the Simpsons while the sky is still bright! Spring definitely Cometh- and (b) read some more Naked Economics. Wheelan might not be the sharpest tack in the academic-economists box, but he sure is entertaining! (oh, and somewhere in there i guess i might make myself a tuna sandwich. mmm.)


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