Tuesday, March 16, 2004

hah! emailed my LRS final paper merrily on its way a little while ago and am done with that class forever! rejoice with me. also finished my last couple of scribbles for Duncan's class, so when those are printed out i can deliver them happily to his office and be done with. then need to study for the final on thursday. such a feeling of relief to have these papers done and ready to be delivered.

not much else to say except i'm really looking forward to spring break and a break from reality for a while. just some sand and some sea and some sunshine, just like home. (i miss the taste of salt in the air and the blast of a sea breeze that doesn't cut you to the bone like the cold sharp air coming off lake michigan. i miss the sound of seagulls taking off in a cloud; the wash of waves against the sand/your feet/the cliffs and rocks. i miss being on the water.) nothing to do but play some games, watch some TV, do some swimming, catch up on some reading. nothing to do but walk around in almost-bare feet, shorts, tank top, sunglasses, getting a good even tan everwhere. turning brown.

looking forward to getting out of Hyde Park and taking a break from everything, if only for a little while.


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