Friday, March 05, 2004

i owe a bunch of people thank-you emails for sending me birthday wishes, but since the university's email system has conveniently chosen today to go down yet AGAIN, it will have to wait. if you sent me a birthday email and haven't received a reply: thank you and this is why you haven't received a reply.

it was a reasonably good birthday, all in all. -grin- despite the fact that i spent a lot of it sick as a dog. (no, it was not a consequence of partying too hard last night) i have a cold. woke up in the middle of the night with the full-on body aches like someone had been beating me with a huge stick. and of course i stubbornly refused to take a painpill (at least til two in the afternoon) so i just shivered my way through several hours of the early morning, finally managing to fall back asleep approximately ten minutes before the gas people and their blasted jackhammers start drilling into the street outside my place. (the same people who have been doing that all week as a result of last week's 'accident' with the gas pipe leading to my building) anyways, i spent most of the morning sleeping in, while alex cooked me breakfast and made me tea. he really is the best. =) (i also slept through all my classes - i only woke up to eat, and then to take painpills and go back to sleep. oh and we watched last night's West Wing somewhere in there too.)

and then i slept some more, til mom's call in the middle of the afternoon. yay! i thought she'd forgotten all about my birthday. it turns out that she'd intended to call in the morning, but had fallen asleep (just as well, since this morning i would undoubtedly have laid in bed and whimpered about how i was shivering, everything hurt, and i wanted to cry; and when asked if i had taken anything for the cold, would have had to answer 'no, because i'm stubbornly stupid'). shortly after, dad calls, and we have a nice long chat about my bro's progress Down Under. seems he is doing well in everything but some weirdass difficult math class. rock on, bro! kick that class's butt. (we all hate math. but don't forget, doing well in it is the best revenge for it kicking your ass earlier)

and the day wound up with dinner at Pizza Capri with Hanyann. we spent a long time there -- i think the wait staff were on the verge of kicking us out when we finally go to her place so she can pack for Nationals (she leaves tomorrow) while we bullshit some more about med schools and Teach For America, which she's in the interview process for. =) so that's all good. Good Luck, babe. kick some butt!

all that said, it's now time for me to get my aching body back into bed. so more from me tomorrow. hopefully the damn email will be back up and running by then. grrrr. ciao!

P/S. Dan, ol' man - i'm sorry to read about the bitch-thing going on back home. =( hang in there, ok? i know you love that school of yours, and it SUCKS ASS that someone is ruining it for you. -hug- keep me updated with what's going on, and if necessary i bet eun and i would totally join shereen in some kneecap-breaking, letting-air-out-of-tires illicit activity. hang tight, big bro. -hug-


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