Friday, March 19, 2004

i'm done! i'm donei'mdonei'mdone!

ahh the sweet taste of freedom. the last final this morning wasn't half bad, and on the way home i spent a good forty minutes wandering 57th Street Books picking up reading material for spring break. after thoroughly enjoying Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen at Hanyann's the other afternoon, i picked up N.P, and then added South of the Border, West of the Sun by Murakami to the pile, and finished it off with William Gibson's [Neuromancer] (though i did almost wind up getting Idoru). so there's yet another reason to look forward to spring break.

we leave tomorrow. five pm. woohoo!

update: actually, we leave saturday, becos of a small misunderstanding between kwek our trip architect, and me. but whatever. it's still a week in sunshine, away from this gloom. and SNOW.


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