Monday, March 08, 2004

mood: growly

update: i've just finished writing the first draft of my duncan-paper (3900 words! woohoo!) and the second draft of my LRS paper on free trade. hopefully the argument is tighter this time around. bah. why can't people just believe in free trade and do everything it requires and then sit around and enjoy the benefits i don't know. oh wait. Mark Twain said it best: 'i'm all for progress; it's change i don't like'. anyways. so i'm off to take a break. shop on eBay. (dad! buy me anime? -googly eyes-) shop on amazon. (bought the latest hardcover terry pratchett for five bucks. gotta love amazon. it's putting my local bookstore out of business. that and the Borders that opened up on 53rd street, where the crazies hang out now. outside the store, not inside it.) go to church. things like that. and watch some more Full Metal Panic -- i'd forgotten i have it! was watching it last night/this morning. i love that show. =)

and shereen: i'm wearing the donkey on the left ear and the elephant on the right. it looks unbalanced and funny, but also cool. -grin-

/update, begin previous detail-filled post:

went out on spur-of-the-moment shoe-shopping-and-dinner excursion downtown with alex last night. while the shoe shopping was moderately successful (i have new fire-engine-red strappy sandals), i didn't get the ankle boots that i really wanted, to replace my semi-worn out pair that i bought shortly before coming out here to chicago. (eun's influence. she bought a pair, and they were so cool i wanted my own pair. so i got them. and i love them.) they've still got some wear in them, so there's no real rush to get a new pair, esp since the only pair i liked last night was sixty bucks. =)

then we went to dinner at Bennigans, where i once again had their excellent chicken strips, and alex went all out and had half a rack of babybackribs. mmmmm. they were taaaaasty. and the Irish Lemonade is also good stuff. =) at least, i liked it. -grin- after dinner, things started to not go so well. we wandered back to the 6 stop on jackson, which incidentally is right outside a Garrett's (probably misspelled) Popcorn, which was open. since we both love caramel popcorn, alex popped in to get some to eat while we waited -an interminably long time- for the bus. when the bus finally came, crowded as hell with hyde park revellers including a bunch of unfortunately shrill and noisy high school kids (argh i hate them all), we leapt gratefully on, and grabbed a handrail. then things rapidly deteriorated. alex started feeling extremely sick and faint. ten seconds later, i followed suit - to the point where i was chalk-white, drenched in sweat, seeing bright sparkly lights and on the verge of throwing up on the nice couple seated right in front of me, oblivious to my distress. (i should have thrown up on them.) and before anyone says something about my being unable to hold my liquor, let me tell you, i've never reacted this badly to half a glass of beer with a full meal, and i totally managed to walk several blocks in heels in a straight line without falling over, so it wasn't that. alex, by this point, was practically sitting on the floor, trying not to pass out/throw up.

a few minutes later, we hit Lake Shore (thankfully) and the bus driver just floors the accelerator back to hyde park (they don't get speeding tickets? we were totally doing more than 35 mph) so we're back inside of ten minutes. then the nice couple gets off at the first stop, and we thankfully sit down. i'm regaining feeling in my extremeties and the bright sparkly lights have gone away. but i'm still in pretty crappy shape, and alex is totally out of it. gah. at this point my befuddled mind finally realises the cause of our distress: mild food poisoning of some kind. goddamm garrett's popcorn. (though frankly, i'd forgotten we had any, and was ready to call Bennigans and demand my money back for feeding me 'tainted' food)

luckily we make it back to my apartment without much further distress, though my brother does call me to wish me a belated happy birthday at a most inopportune moment, and i have to tell him to go away because i am about to collapse. and collapse we did. -shudder- remind me never to eat Garrett's again. (ok, you know that's not going to happen, i like their stuff too much. but never again late at night before they close up anyway)

so that was my exciting night. -grimace- lucky for us, there are no seriously unpleasant aftereffects; a good night's sleep (at least for me) took care of it. now i'm back to work in the Reg writing more interminably long papers -sigh- why is the weekend so short?


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