Tuesday, March 02, 2004

oh joyous morning

this appeared in my mailbox just a couple of minutes ago:

I decided we have enough money in our budget to purchase new Brahms scores.  They will arrive next week so until they are all here, we will concentrate on SWEENEY and the saber dance.

See you Wednesday.

Randi Von Ellefson

now i know this seems out of the blue to many peeps, but those of you who are choral singers will understand my pain. Motet is doing Brahms's Liebeslieder Waltzes (yes, all 18 of them, apparently) in the german for our spring concert. however, the old crappy edition that we are using not only has tons of printing errors ranging from missing/extra-and-bizzare accidentals to completely misprinted notes and text. on top of that, although originally in German, the edition for some unknown and completely offputting reason has the english translation printed ABOVE the german text. now imagine sightsinging a completely new waltz while desperately trying to remind yourself to read the SECOND line of text, in a FOREIGN language. -moan- by the end of the first song i wanted to shoot whoever had set this edition in the head. by the end of the fifth song i wanted to hang him by his toenails from a ceiling fan and turn it on. it only gets more violent from there on out.

so now imagine my joy upon hearing that Randi is getting us new scores! and we no longer have to use the crappy old sixty-five cent editions! (yes that is how old they are)

oh, advance advertisment to all U of C folks -- for our superduperextralong spring concert, we are doing excepts from Sweeney Todd, and a cool Romanian piece (RJ choir folks, if any of you read this: it's the takatakataka song -grin- Sabra Dance on a Chair), as well as the Libeslieder Waltzes and some pieces from the winter quarter concert that no one got to watch becos we were at Knox College in Galesburg, IL. -grin- come listen to us rhapodise a Dying Sun in Lauridson's Midwinter Songs (a very perculiar setting of Robert Graves's equally perculiar poems on winter) drink some coffee before you come, is my advice. it's gonna be long. ahhh randi. (leann's petitioning to throw some of the songs out, hopefully it'll be successful)

update on the progress of my paper writing: i have officially thrown up my hands and turned in the crappy first draft for the LRS paper, though reading Naked Economics has oddly enough given me some ideas on where to go with the paper for real (muchos gracias, mr. staniland). the Duncan paper (as i shall refer to it from now on) is about halfway through in first draft, ie rapidly approaching 2000 words. whoopee!

i think i feel justified in taking a break and having lunch and going to pilates this evening. yay!


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