Wednesday, March 31, 2004

ok, the second day of school is over. whew. what a madhouse of running around. as it turns out, i still don't know what my schedule is going to be like. although i am registered for East Asian Security -and it looks like an interesting class- that is ALL i am registered for. it doesn't look like i want to take History of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (though i am buying the books; they're great reading) with Wasserstein at 0900 TuTh (even if i do find the man somewhat fascinating. he has the coolest accent). sitting in on Leitzel's Regulation of Vice was terrifying -- there were twice as many people present as there are slots in the class. whoa! (i just checked. there still aren't any slots available.)

i did however go and see duncan and pick up my final paper -the ASEAN one- from last quarter. and ask him to be my BA advisor next year. and he agreed! so now i have a BA advisor and something resembling a topic (much thanks to pstan for some ideas to get started). -big sigh of relief-

tomorrow is another big class-struggle day. -grin- The EU in the morning. i met the instructor this afternoon outside Duncan's office and chatted with him briefly. love his accent. he seems reasonable. hopefully he will respect seniority, unlike Leitzel, who is using a random number generator to pick people who get into his class. then Seminar in Realism with Mearsheimer in the afternoon. if all works out, i'll have six hours of seminar every wednesday -a fact which rather overwhelmed Sebastian, the EU instructor. it rather overwhelms me too. -grin- but wish me luck anyway.

last but not least, my roommate just pointed me toward this absolutely ridiculous article about being charged room and board by the state if you are wrongfully imprisoned in a British jail. can someone who lives on that side of the Pond please explain this harebrained idea? =)

postscript: the National Library at Stamford Road closes its doors forever today (Singapore time). another part of our history gone forever. another shared memory of hundreds -thousands- of kids doing school projects, finding new authors to read, whiling away saturday afternoons during the december holidays. i love that redbrick building, and i'm sad that i'm not there to say goodbye. i'm sad that we have to say goodbye at all.


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