Friday, March 12, 2004

they, he, or she?

for people interested in such things (ie. Me) there're a bunch of posts over at Crescat (and links to other trackbacks) that discuss the issue of personal pronouns.

i personally prefer the use of 'he' when i am referring to some hypothetical individual in a hypothetical situation. while i am aware that this convention does not necessarily have a hidden 'and she' in it, ie this convention reflects a male-oriented view of the world, i prefer clarity of expression over gender neutrality. (not that you could tell, from that extremely convoluted sentence.) i dislike the clumsiness of 'he or she', and 'they' followed by a singular verb completely appalls and frustrates my grammarian self. while i am constantly failing to spot the finer mistakes of grammar, the use of 'they' as a singular pronoun always always sets of the Grammar Radar. i find i cannot tolerate it, either in my own writing, or when i see it in someone else's.

of course, there are situations in which i prefer to use the pronoun 'she'. the classic example, of course, is ships. they're all feminine. :) and nations, i tend to refer to as 'she' rather than 'it', despite them being -technically- genderless.

i'm also going to take this opportunity to announce the completion of the Chinese Politics final. i am Done With That Class once the paper slides under Prof. Yang's door tomorrow afternoon. woohoo!

update: i do believe one of my first posts ever on this blog was re: Fong Sai Yuk. i just watched the movie again, having bought the DVD, and it still remains one of my all time favourite chinese movies (well cantonese movies). two beautiful men (good guy: jet li. bad guy: zhao wen zhuo. mmmmmm.) battling it out with awesome gongfu. what else could a girl want, eh?


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