Saturday, April 24, 2004

banana nut muffins

i made banana nut muffins this afternoon. =) despite the fact that they look nothing like the banana nut muffins that i regularly buy from the store or from campus cafes, they taste remarkably good - perhaps not as moist or banana-y (though i blame the bananas i used for that), but still, yummy enough. i just had a bite of one fresh from the oven, and the crust is crunchy, the way i like it, and the inside is not too sweet, with a startling taste of banana when i bit into one of the (not very well mushed up) bits of banana.

note to self: use more ripe bananas the next time.

yay! so now i have six muffins -- well five, really, since i have to finish eating the one that i just started munching on -- to consume over the next few days. anyone want one?


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