Saturday, April 17, 2004

food, glorious food

oh man, Moravcsik's The Choice for Europe is incredibly dense and guilty of the highest form of academic prose. LRS lectors would have his ass on a platter. but anyway, that's by way of explaining why i'm updating again despite having posted this morning.

our oven works! some background for those who don't already know: my oven hasn't worked since shortly after we moved in here last year. after months of bitching, we finally got the repairman in here last week to fix it. i finally got up the guts to test it out, not giving in to my fears that the oven would explode and i would die in the ensuing fireball...:) i'd had some really great baked chicken over at janice's place a while ago, and wanted to try it on my own. so i popped over to the store, picked up some rosemary and tarragon, butter, and some wine to fortify the cook (i've been curious about Yellowtail for a while -- it's an australian vineyard with a kangaroo logo. it turned out pretty good.) and headed back to start my cooking experiment.

i turned on the oven with great trepidation, then backed out of the kitchen into the living room, nervously clutching my bottle of wine and waiting for an explosion. utter silence. so i crept back into the kitchen to the welcome hissing sound of the oven heating up. woohoo! so i opened the wine, poured myself a glass, and set about making herb-butter-and-breadcrumb-encrusted-baked-chicken, accompanied by pasta with a mushroom-in-white-wine-and-butter sauce, and some of jan's lovely salad (which involves oranges and goat cheese and basalmic vinagrette). it was awesome, i stuffed myself, i stuffed alex. we just sat in front of the tv and ate. =)

so i'm happy with the outcome of my cooking experiment. now i have another dish to add to my repetoire of (many kinds of) pasta, including a carbonara sauce with no meat in it; risotto; and anything that comes out of a Prima packet. expect more baking stories in the future!


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