Sunday, April 18, 2004

for more details about earlier portions of my day, including the wonderful dinner i had, refer to Idle Thoughts: the LJ.

in other news, i triumphantly announce that i have completely more than half of the Moravcsik reading (i cheated and skipped to the concluding chapter. no surprises there.) and even managed to read some of the stuff for Mearsheimer's class.

let me just say here that i think most of Sean Lynn-Jones's article in Security Studies -titled "Offense-Defence Theory and Its Critics" is crap. his defence against some fairly valid -in my opinion- criticisms is absolute bunk, amounting to little more than 'well, it's analogous to this situation, where it would be all right' without any real justification as to why it's analogous.

ok, that was really confused. clearly, i'm more than ready to collapse into bed for a good eight hours before tackling MORE Moravcsik tomorrow, and writing a response memo (three pages, not a WORD more) for it at some point...


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