Monday, April 12, 2004

Happy Easter

so there's only about another fifteen minutes of it left, Chicago time, but...Happy Easter everyone. =) hope you had a good one.

i got dressed up for church today and the weather cooperated, just a little, just enough so that my still-slightly-damp hair didn't freeze when i went outside, and i could wear a skirt and heels. (ahhh the heels. i haven't worn strappy heels in a while -with good reason, bloody chicago winter- and my feet are unused it the pressure points) it was a lovely sunshiney day too.

got to Bond Chapel just before the crazy rush, so pstan and i managed to sit where we wanted as opposed to where we were squeezed into. Mass was good -- i like the Latin, and the notation gives me a chance to practice not only my sightreading ability but my ability to read Gregorian Chant notation. =)

then i spent the rest of the day loafing off until alex came home. =)

it's been a good Easter weekend, no doubt -- shopping yesterday where i managed to get H a bday prezzie for her 21st next week, which she likes! and also a cool dress from H&M pour moi, and yoga pants for my pilates class. 'twas a good outing. =) and dinner with H and Claire followed by a movie at their place, and lots of the most awesome cookies with chocolate overload at the same time. only bad thing about the weekend was the amount of work i got done -to wit, zero. (well at least i finished reading the Lundestad. only two more articles for the EU, and ALL OF KENNETH WALTZ to go by wednesday not to mention something like seven articles for East Asian Sec. AHHH!)

time to go read/sleep, though i've just had an entire mug of coffee and a long girl-talk chat with the roommie. we've decided that boys are (a) stupid and (b) lazy when it comes to dating, and they really need to get their signalling aparatus in shape! -grin-


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