Thursday, April 15, 2004

i guess most people have figured out that the blog will be updated much less frequently this quarter, partly because i am swamped with work, much more so than last quarter, and partly because It Is Spring.

as gaiman puts it over on his LJ, Spring Is Here. it's a balmy 13C right now, and it's past ten pm. sweet! it promises to stay warm for at least a couple of days, which means skirts and heels. yay! it also makes the prospect of going outside and doing things much less formidable, for which i am happy.

anyways, today was a good day -- lots of conversation about european integration, and bumbling up-in-arms comments about idiots who don't understand the meaning of words like pareto-optimal and yet use them in Seminar on Realism as if they were god...there's one in every class. at least. (alex just remarked that he can fly from London to Berlin on Ryanair for 0.71 euros. damn!) i managed to talk in each class today, which for me is a big deal, since i'm not a big participant in classes. today for some reason i just took off. it doesn't hurt that both Sebastian and Keven know my name, for some reason.

Motet rehearsals are getting kind of sketchy though. Randi's had a lot on his mind lately and he's been getting kind of snippy with the choir. granted we have a big concert about two weeks away and we still don't know our music. (heaven knows if this were the RJ choir we'd all be dead from panic attacks by now. including mr Toh. but he'd never allow it.) on top of that, his father's not doing so well - he had a stroke a while back, and Randi's awfully worried about it, it looks like. which is bad. i hope Randi's dad gets better, though it doesn't look too much like the prognosis is good. in the meantime we are struggling on with our music. i was just thinking about singing here at the U of C compared with singing back in the RJ Chorale and how totally different the approaches our two music directors have. (and the fact that i seem to be attracted to music directors who then leave me. -grin- Ms Loo, Mr Toh, now Randi...) in RJ -and RGS as well, come to think of it- we didn't focus on doing lots of music, though we did do a fairly wide range of genres and styles. (one thing judges always commended us on: our flexibility) instead we worked on getting the pieces memorised; on doing detailed, nuanced work; on working with our conductor and putting our music in his hands. here we learn incredibly huge amounts of music just in one quarter for one concert, almost never have to memorise it, and spend a lot of time staring at our music just trying desperately to read the notes rather than working with Randi. of course, this means we get to do lots of different stuff, but i think on the whole i would prefer to work with a Mr-Toh-style chorale. i miss the Raffles Concert Singers. you guys were awesome. =)

ah well. i guess there will be more updates as and when -- either tons this weekend as i procrastinate over writing a response memo for Leitzel and one for Sebastian, while struggling to finish reading Moravcsik on European integration and digging out sources on legalising prostitution in the United States: Pros and Cons. (by the way, i would LOVE constructive ideas on titles for a paper on legalising prostitution. feel free to leave your ideas in the comments box.) or perhaps nothing, as i manage to focus on doing all of the above? i leave it to the fates to decide...-grin-

ooh! and my cousin Joanne got into LSE! she's going to start in the fall, doing Philosophy and Economics. two cousins in london! how awesome is that. -grin-


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