Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Singapore Arts Festival 2004

take a look at the events for theSingapore Arts Festival 2004. Yo-Yo Ma is playing with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra in a one-night only performance at the Esplanade. where will i be, while this wonderful event is happening? on a cruise ship headed for alaska.


someone i know, pleasepleasepleaseplease have tickets (he's sold out already), and go, and tell me all about how wonderful this man is when he's playing a cello solo in the (much vaunted) new halls of SSO's new home, the Durian.

please. -whimper-

the Count Basie Orchestra will also be in town, 11-12 June, playing good ol' big band swing. Dancers will probably be disappointed by the lack of dancing space in the Esplanade concert halls, but hey, there's always the aisle...if they don't throw you out for unruly behaviour. worth going to in any case.

i'm going to be crying about the Yo-Yo Ma for a while. i missed him while he was here in chi-town too - couldn't get tickets.

a few more offerings look interesting -there's Cantonese Opera coming to town, for one- though not really as interesting as the Arts Fest offerings of my youth. -grin- perhaps i was less discerning then. or had less narrow tastes in what i like and dislike about music/theatre/dance. anyway, go take a look-see.


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